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Our School

Message from the Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Madisonville Elementary School, where every day we are learning and growing together.

Our theme for the school year is Good Things Are Coming! Our entire school community works together daily to help our students see the good in everything we do and to create more good as we continue to grow.  It is important that our students are safe at our school and learn what it takes to grow for the future. Our teachers have transformed the inside of the school showing all of the good things that are already there and ready to display all the good things that will come from our students throughout the year as they learn. As the year continues, our student work will line the halls telling of all of the good things they have experienced.   

This year we will be practicing the 7 Habits from Leader in Me at our school. We will practice daily during our Morning Meeting on the habits that empower the leader in all of us! Every member of our school family strives to be there for one another, to make one another’s day, to choose a great attitude, and have lots of fun as we learn together. This makes MES a great place to live and learn. 

Our children learn best with consistency and routine in place. Please be sure to have them come to school each day and arrive on time. Please read our attendance guidelines in the Student Handbook found online for the current rules and procedures regarding absences.

For the safety of all children, we ask that your child’s transportation to and from school remain as consistent as possible. If your child regularly rides a bus, we will put him/her on the bus unless we have a note from you. The same holds true for aftercare and carline. Thanks for your help with this matter. 

Communication is a strong part of staying connected. When parents, teachers, and administrators work together, our kids succeed! Our goal is to help all children reach their full potential. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions at any time. The office number is 985-845-3671. We look forward to hearing from you and joining hands as we watch our children grow and learn. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with us! It is our honor and privilege to work with our families. Thank you for continuing to support our school as we find adventure in everything we do this year!

Candice Hickman
Principal, Madisonville Elementary School

Our Mission

We are committed to becoming a community of confident, successful learners by supporting the social-emotional and academic well-being of learners through daily differentiation.